Serial Swan Killer Poisons 4 Birds To Death

Story ByAnastasia Smirnova, Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyCentral European News 

Video Credit: CEN/PrijutPerederjkaKliukvennoe

A Russian animal shelter says they are going to alert the police after four swans were killed by a suspected serial animal killer who fed them rat poison.

The bizarre incident took place at the Ashmana and Verkhnee Ozero parks located in the city of Kaliningrad in western Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast region.

Picture Credit: CEN/PrijutPerederjkaKliukvennoe

At least four swans have been killed by rat poison which they were fed with while a further two are currently in intensive care.

The vets say that the cause of death is hemolytic poison being present in their system, a substance which is usually used for killing rodents.

Volunteers from a local animal shelter called ‘Klyukvennoye’ said: “Unfortunately we have lost another bird, a giant swan left us to live on a rainbow… Its eyes were streaming with tears and then it stopped breathing.

Video Credit: CEN/PrijutPerederjkaKliukvennoe

“Two other birds are in intensive care.”

Vets have reportedly fitted the two remaining birds with external oxygen masks. The images show the injured animals in a veterinary surgery.

One of the motionless birds can be seen floating in the waters of a lake.

Volunteer Alyona Bolota said that she planned to report the incident to the police after receiving the result from the vets.

Video Credit: CEN/PrijutPerederjkaKliukvennoe

Local media report it is likely that the police will start a case into animal cruelty.

Reports state that just a month ago a family of swans were killed by an unknown gunman in Kaliningrad.

Netizen ‘illuZ’ said: “What did these swans do to anyone? Seems that those killed were not accidental.”

And ‘Cocodzhamba’ added: “I think some mentally ill people did that. B*stards!”

While ‘Rush’ commented: “I am simply speechless.”

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