Russian Revellers Flip Over Cop Car In Snow And Scarpe

Video Credit: CEN/@russiaguard

This is the moment a group of Russian revellers flip over a cop car in the snow before scarpering off.

The incident was filmed in the district of Chernovskoi in the city of Chita located in the south-eastern Russian region of Zabaikalsky Krai, and the video was later shared on social media where it has been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

In the footage, a group of people are seen leaving a cafe before flipping over the police car parked outside.

Picture Credit: CEN/@russiaguard

The vehicle belonged to the National Guard of Russia (NGR) and a spokesperson has confirmed that they have arrested several suspects.

According to the police, a group of friends were partying in a cafe when the police were called because of inappropriate behaviour.

When the police were inside the cafe making their enquiries, a group of revellers went outside and flipped over the cop car.

The local authorities have reportedly quizzed the suspects’ and are continuing their investigation.

The NGR have yet to confirm whether the group were supporters of the ‘AUE Movement’ which has been accused of glorifying crime by promoting unlawful activity from the perspective of criminals and prison life.

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