Cruel Hunters Film Death Throes Of Shot Deer In Snow

Story By: Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Newsflash


This is the moment hunters film two deer they gunned down in a snowy forest convulsing on the ground.

The incident was filmed in a forested region nestled between the two northern Romanian counties of Maramures and Suceava, and an outraged netizen shared the clip on social media after reportedly coming across in a WhatsApp group chat.

In the footage, one of the hunters films the two dying deer convulsing in agony in the snow and says: “There was no need to shoot both of them, but they were too pretty. F*ck it.”


While filming the poor animals, another voice is heard saying: “I’ll go slit their throats.”

According to local media, the policed have launched an investigation to establish what took place before and after the footage and a manhunt is on to find the two hunters.

Netizen ‘Nik Voicu’ said: “Horrible people. Disgraceful.”

Social media user ‘Catalina Mihaela’ commented: “I really hope you suffer the same fate one day.”

‘Virgil Asoltaney’ wrote: “Both these monsters should be imprisoned for life.”