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Road Rage Thug Shoots Pretty Engineer Dead Over Traffic

Story By: Alex Cope, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/@juliabarbosasza

This man has been arrested for allegedly shooting this pretty engineer dead in her car because he was angry that the traffic was moving slowly.

Agricultural engineer Julia Barbosa de Souza, 28, was shot dead in the pickup truck she was driving in with her boyfriend in the town of Sorriso in the central Brazilian state of Matto Grosso.

Local media report the pair were driving in the car when the driver of another vehicle came up behind them and began tooting his horn to let him past.

The couple carried on driving but then noticed the driver was following them around the town. The driver of the other vehicle then opened fire on the couple’s car, with one a bullet hitting Souza in the head, killing her before paramedics could help her.

The culprit drove away but suspect Jackson Furlan, 29, has now handed himself into the police.

Picture Credit: CEN/@juliabarbosasza

The investigator in charge of the case Andre Ribeiro said the suspect had been “furious” at how slow the traffic was moving.

He told reporters: “They were on Brescansin Avenue, which is an avenue with slow traffic, cars always go slow there. The suspect was furious, accelerating his pickup truck wanting to overtake the victim’s vehicle, but overtaking is not allowed on that avenue.

“They tried to lose the suspect and they managed to for a while, but he came back and followed them tirelessly. There was no argument, the passenger side window was shut the whole time. There are no arguments which justify the crime.”

The suspect’s anger at the traffic is believed to have been the motive for the crime.

Jackson will be kept in preventative prison but it is unclear if he has been charged.

Picture Credit: CEN

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