Red-Faced Dad Rescued From Sewer After Son Drops Keys

Story ByJohn FengSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment an embarrassed father has to be rescued from a sewer after his son dropped their house keys and he went looking for them.

The unnamed parent from the city of Dezhou in East China’s Shandong Province said his child accidentally dropped the bunch of keys in the storm sewer.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Unable to lift the concrete drain cover, the dad had no choice but to find an opening and began crawling in the damp and narrow space towards where he thought the keys would be.

But the father struggled to see properly in the storm sewer and eventually called the fire service for help when he realised he was stuck and could not climb back out again.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Video of the rescue shows firefighters having to prise open the heavy concrete drain covers using a crowbar, lifting the slabs to reveal the trapped parent inside.

The dad, whose clothes are covered in mud and water, re-emerges in embarrassment as a large crowd gathers around to see the commotion.

Despite his efforts, he was still unable to find his house keys, and it is unclear how long search efforts continued for before they gave up.

The father was fortunately not injured during the ordeal, but rescuers revealed they feared he would suffer oxygen deprivation underground.

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