Red Cross Medics In Tik Tok Git Up Dance Challenge

Story By: Victoria LyndonSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@roteskreuz.steyr

This is the moment a group of Red Cross paramedics line dance in a car park as part of the popular Git Up Dance Challenge made famous by US teen Harvey Bass on TikTok.

Paramedics from the Steyr Red Cross in the city of Steyr in Upper Austria released the video on their social media account as part of the new ‘Git Up’ social media challenge.

In the video, two paramedics can be seen in the district control centre when an ‘alarm’ sounds and they walk into the car park where the ambulances are parked.

Picture Credit: CEN/@roteskreuz.steyr

A group of nine more paramedics then appear from one of the ambulances and they quickly form a line dancing formation in the middle of the car park.

The paramedics then perform a choreographed dance to the son ‘Git Up’ by Blanco Brown.

The blue lights used on the emergency vehicles provide the necessary lighting in the background of the clip as the crew perform their impressive dance.

According to Franz Hackl, Press Officer of the Red Cross in Steyr, it took the paramedics five weeks to learn the choreography in preparation to take on the challenge.They reportedly recorded the video in their free time.

The Red Cross wrote: “If you feel like dancing with us, then go and get your jacket.”

The post has been well received on Facebook and shared several times.

The challenge was originally created by US student Harvey Bass who decided to perform the dance in his school cafeteria. Despite promptly being suspended for the act, many from around the globe have now taken on the challenge.

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