RAT’S DISGUSTING: Horrified Shopper Finds Dead Rat In Veg Pack

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

A shocked shopper has shamed a supermarket after finding a dead rat inside a pack of vegetables.

Customer Raymond Lim said he bought the veg at the Giant supermarket in the International Merchandising Mart Mall (IMM), the largest outlet mall in the island city-state of Singapore.

The Asian supermarket chain and the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) have both announced that they are looking into the matter.

Raymond Lim found a dead rat in vegetables he bought from Giant’s IMM outlet in Singapore in May 2022. (Raymond Lim/Newsflash)

They acted after Lim recorded his gruesome find on Facebook.

On 22nd May, Lim said on Facebook that he bought the pack of vegetables at the supermarket on 15th May.

It remained in his fridge for three days before he discovered the dead rat.

He told local media that his wife found the dead rodent, adding that she was “shocked” and found the incident “really disgusting”.

Lim also said that his family has been unable to eat vegetables since coming across the dead rat in the supermarket pack.

The apology from the Supermarket where Raymond Lim found a dead rat in vegetables, in Singapore in May 2022. (Raymond Lim/Newsflash)

He posted photos of the rat along with a screenshot of the supermarket’s response to the incident.

Giant Singapore expressed their “sincerest apologies” and vowed to take “a serious view” of the incident, promising to carry out “more frequent inspections on the quality of products”.

The company also offered Lim a refund and suggested the incident may be “an isolated case”.

The supermarket chain also said: “We quickly launched an investigation after we were notified of what happened. The (items) were pre-packaged and sealed. Therefore, we are working closely with our suppliers to find the root cause. We will also inspect the same vegetable we are selling to ensure that this does not happen again.”

The investigation is ongoing.