Quadbiker Thrown From Bridge Into Fast-Flowing River

Story By: Anna GuranSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a quadbiker crossing a suspension bridge loses control of the vehicle and is thrown off it plunging into the fast-flowing river below.

The startling incident occurred on a suspension bridge crossing the Katun River near the village of Elekmonar in the Altai Republic in Siberia, in southern Russia, and was recorded by an onlooker.

In the video, a quad bike driver, who the person recording calls Lehoy, can be seen crossing the bridge at high speed when he reaches a bump. The quadbiker flies over the bump, sending the vehicle briefly into the air but when it lands he loses control.

The quadbike skids into the railings of the bridge and spins out of control. The driver is sent flying from the bridge into the mountain river below.

Local media report the quadbiker says he was fine in the incident, claiming he “swam a little and got out” of the water after being sent flying from the vehicle.

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Picture Credit: CEN

Reports state he did not require medical attention after the incident.

The Katun River is 428 miles long, and its drainage basin covers 23,500 square miles.

It originates in the Katun glaciers on the southern slope of Belukha Mountain, the highest peak of the Altai Mountains in Russia.

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