Quacking Mum Duck Helps Cops Save 11 Trapped Younglings

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This is photo of a worried mother duck “quacking incessantly” and standing watch as cops rescue her 11 ducklings after they fell down a manhole and got stuck in a drainage pipe.

According to local media, the fluffy ducklings were waddling through a supermarket car park in the north-eastern Austrian capital Vienna when they fell through a manhole cover and became trapped in a drainage pipe.

Reports said that the mother duck remained at the spot where her younglings fell until the cops were called to the scene.

Pictures Credit: CEN

A police spokesman said: “The mum quacked incessantly on the spot so that her ducklings could be freed with the help of Viennese firefighters.”

Officials realised that the pipe led to a nearby open-end drain and so they decided to flush the ducklings out.

According to the police, the mother duck did not take her eyes off her 11 younglings as firefighters and cops set about rescuing them.

Officials successfully flushed the cute ducklings along the length of the pipe and collected them at the other end.

The mother and her 11 ducklings were then placed in a carrier and taken to a nearby pond where they were safely released back into nature.