Daring Cops Rush Pair With OAP Skeleton In Rubbish Bag

Story By: Madalina Spulber, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@Enews112

This is the moment cops spring into action and arrest a pair of men believed to be carrying the skeleton of a missing pensioner after killing the OAP to nab her home.

The incident occurred on Vladimirskaya Street in the Russian capital Moscow and is believed to involve a gang of “black realtors” who illegally appropriate the homes of pensioners who they kill.

In the video, a man carrying a heavy plastic bag over his shoulder can be seen walking down the street when a man in a hoody comes sprinting up to him.

Picture Credits: CEN

The man in a hoody grabs the man carrying the plastic bag and tells him something before printing away.

A unit of cops then come sprinting into the scene and arrest two suspects in a dramatic swoop.

Local media report the plastic bag contained the bones of an elderly woman who is believed to have died around one year ago. The woman has not been identified in reports.

The suspects are alleged to have illegally appropriated the woman’s home after her disappearance.

They are believed to belong to a gang of “black realtors” who kill elderly homeowners to then illegally appropriate their property.

The investigation into the case is ongoing and the bones have been sent to forensic scientists for examination.

Local media stat the suspects claimed to have been simply “taking out the rubbish” when they were arrested.

Reports state the suspects had frequently been seen in the woman’s apartment since her disappearance.