UEFA Sues German Pizzeria Over Mushroom-Topped Champignons League Pizza

UEFA is taking legal action against a pizzeria in a German town over its mushroom-topped ‘Champignons League’ pizza.

Pizza Wolke in the town of Giessen in the west-central German state of Hesse announced it was the target of legal action by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) on its Instagram page, where it has 11,400 followers, yesterday (Monday, 31st January).

The pizzeria captioned a redacted photo of the apparent legal document: “Pizza Cloud vs. UEFA. Long live the pizza Champi(g)nons League! I am honoured. As a child of football. An ad from UEFA? Seriously?

Champignons League pizza, by Pizza Wolke that is threatened with a lawsuit from UEFA, in Gieben, Germany. (Newsflash)

“It just goes to show that me and my gang are absolutely on the right track. My gang and I have started a journey and we won’t stop until we’re in all the cupboards and eventually baked in all the ovens. One man. One pizza.

“Let’s see how far UEFA gets! Buy the world’s most awesome mushroom pizza, everyone!”

The text in the alleged legal document shows that the “Union of European Football Associations” has apparently filed a complaint against “Head & Herz Catering and Events GmbH”, which is the company behind Pizza Wolke and which also sells frozen pizzas, according to its website.

The letter received by Pizza Wolke where it is threatened with a lawsuit from UEFA, because of a Champignons League pizza, in Gieben, Germany. (Newsflash)

A spokeswoman for the Giessen-based company told local media that the legal action was related to the football association’s naming rights to the Champions League, which is contested by top-division European clubs and calls itself the “world’s greatest club competition”.

The spokeswoman confirmed that the mushroom-topped pizza is still on the menu, and judging by the tone of the Instagram post, the pizzeria does not intend to give in to UEFA.

One netizen labelled UEFA’s alleged lawsuit “pathetic”.