Putin Shows Off Unstoppable Hypersonic Bomb

Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub Editor:  Joseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/MinistryOfDefenseOfTheRussian Federation

Vladimir Putin has flexed his military muscles with this clip of a Russian fighter jet dropping a ‘Dagger’ hypersonic bomb which is said to be able to overcome all current anti-ballistic defence systems.

The video of the hypersonic missile called “Kinzhal” (Dagger) in action was captured around the Black Sea area during joint exercises of the Northern and The Black Sea fleets of the Russian Navy which were watched over by Putin himself.

In the video, a white modified MiG-31 K fighter-interceptor can be seen in the sky when it drops the missile.

Picture Credit: CEN/MinistryOfDefenseOfTheRussian Federation

The missile drops through the sky before a blast of light shoots from the back and it speeds away.

The hypersonic “Kinzhal” missile is capable of speeds up to ten times the speed of sound and can manoeuvre at the same time. This allows the missile to overcome all currently existing anti-ballistic and anti-aircraft defence systems.

According to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, more than 30 warships, a submarine from the Black Sea Fleet, and more than 40 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces took part in the exercises, including the crews of Su-30SM multipurpose fighters, Su-24M front-line bombers, and strategic bombers Tu-95 “Bear”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally observed the exercises taking place on 9th January from the Marshal Ustinov cruiser.

According to the reports, Putin has repeatedly touted the ability of the Kinzhal missile, which is the first intercontinental ballistic missile armed with a hypersonic weapon to be put into public service.

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