Cop Saves Life Of Pregnant Woman In Rickshaw Birth

Journalist: Aloysius FernandesSub-Editor: Francis GeorgeAgency: AsiaWire

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Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@pnp.pio

A cop who also happened to be a male nurse saved the life of a pregnant woman and her baby when she suffered childbirth complications in a rickshaw on the way to her doctor.

The birth was a breech birth, which is when the child is born legs first rather than head first. When this happens, the solution is usually to perform a cesarean section.

But that was not an option in a rickshaw in the middle of the city of Davao on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines, when the woman, identified as Lorena Mae Hugo, was travelling in the rickshaw on her way to visit a doctor.

She explained that she suddenly started to feel contractions and nearby police officers rushed to help her.

One of them, identified as Delta Villamor, was also a registered nurse and was instantly able to offer professional help. Together they managed to deliver the baby boy and both mother and child were then taken to hospital.

Villamor said he is not expecting any compensation for what he did, but he offered to become the baby’s godfather.

Netizen ‘Ofelia Salen Pantoja’ commented: “Job well done, to serve and protect.”

And ‘Ceferino Orfiano’ added: “I salute you, god bless!”

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