POV Footage Shows Ukrainian Infantry And Tank Defending Their Position And Counter-Attacking

This Call-of-Duty style POV footage shows Ukrainian infantry working with a tank to defend their position from the Russians and counter-attack, taking cover behind the armour and opening fire on the enemy.

The footage begins by showing some Ukrainian soldiers getting into the war machine, which can then be seen reversing, with the soldier filming the images seen standing behind the tank and opening fire on the Russians along with his colleagues.

The tank can then also be seen opening fire, with the Ukrainian soldiers then spreading out and moving towards the Russian enemy while opening fire on them.

The Ukrainian tank can then be seen advancing as well, with the cameraman and a colleague walking close behind the armour for cover.

The tank then stops, with the soldier filming then seen throwing a grenade at the Russian position before his colleague opens fire with his assault rifle.

The Ukrainian armour can then be seen opening fire as well before continuing its advance as the footage ends.

The images were obtained from the 17th Separate Kryvyi Rih Tank Brigade named after Konstantin Pestushko of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Sunday, 19th February, along with a statement saying: “The mechanized units of the 17th separate tank brigade are liberating the Ukrainian land from the enemy.

“Glory to Ukraine!”

The images and statement were also relayed by Operational Command ‘East’ of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldier holds a gun near tank in a snowy field in Ukraine in undated footage. The footage was released by the 17th brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2022. (@17otbr/Newsflash)

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February 2022 in what the Kremlin is still calling a “special military operation”. Today marks the 363rd day of the full-scale war.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that between 24th February 2022 and 21st February 2023, Russia had lost about 144,440 personnel, 3,326 tanks, 6,562 armoured combat vehicles, 2,338 artillery units, 471 multiple launch rocket systems, 243 air defence systems, 299 warplanes, 287 helicopters, 2,023 drones, 873 cruise missiles, 18 warships, 5,210 motor vehicles and fuel tankers, and 226 units of special equipment.

Russia has claimed that its casualties have been much lower but provides infrequent updates on its latest figures.

US President Joe Biden travelled to Kyiv for the first time since the beginning of the Russian invasion and met with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday.

Biden announced a new package of additional aid to Ukraine worth USD 500 million, including ammunition for artillery.

The visit by the US president comes just a day before Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to make a state of the nation address today, Tuesday.

The UK Ministry of Defence has said that Russia will most likely claim that it has captured Bakhmut to mark the one-year anniversary of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, whatever the reality on the ground.

Picture shows a Ukrainian tank in a snowy field in Ukraine in undated footage. The footage was released by the 17th brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2022. (@17otbr/Newsflash)

President Biden arrived in Warsaw on Monday evening to meet Poland’s President Andrzej Duda, as well as other Eastern European NATO leaders.

President Zelensky said that he and President Biden spoke about “long-range weapons and the weapons that may still be supplied to Ukraine, even though it wasn’t supplied before.”

European Union foreign ministers have discussed providing ammunition to Ukraine together at a meeting in Brussels, with the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell saying: “It is the most urgent issue. If we fail on that, the result of the war is in danger.”

He added that Ukraine’s allies should dig into their own national stocks now to ensure that Kyiv has enough ammunition to continue defending itself from Russian aggression.

Wang Yi, China’s highest-ranking diplomat, is reportedly set to visit Moscow as the final stage of an eight-day tour of Europe. He is widely expected to propose a political settlement to the war.

Wang said, while in Hungary ahead of his visit to Russia: “We would like a political solution to provide a peaceful and sustainable framework to Europe.”

President Zelensky has warned that there will be a “world war” if China provides military support to Russia in its war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldier holds a gun near tank in a snowy field in Ukraine in undated footage. The footage was released by the 17th brigade of the Ukrainian Ground Forces on Sunday, Feb. 19, 2022. (@17otbr/Newsflash)

He said that he would like China to be “on our side” and added: “If China allies itself with Russia, there will be a world war, and I do think that China is aware of that.”

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the head of Russia’s notorious Wagner mercenary organisation, has admitted that there are “major problems” regarding ammunition supplies for his troops.

He has also reportedly accused Russian officials of deliberately denying his soldiers sufficient ammunition.

Former UK prime ministers Boris Johnson and Liz Truss have urged the current UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, to send fighter jets to Ukraine.

Johnson said that the British government needed to “cut to the chase” and “give them the planes”.

Alexander Lukashenko, the authoritarian President of Belarus and an ally of Russia, has said that his country will form a new territorial defence force as a result of the ongoing fighting in Ukraine.