Politician Freed After Cops Find 7kg Of Coke In Fake Leg

Story By: Jonathan Macias, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This Colombian politician has been freed despite allegedly being caught smuggling seven kilogrammes of cocaine to Europe in his prosthetic leg.

Victor Hugo Agudelo, who is running for councillor in the regional committee of Valle del Cauca Department in western Colombia, was reportedly arrested at Bogota Airport El Dorado as he was about to board a flight to Germany.

According to a spokesman of the local police, Agudelo was carrying cocaine hidden in his prosthetic right leg.

Picture Credit:CEN

Agudelo was reportedly singled out by a dog which sniffed the drugs the politician allegedly had on him.

According to local media, the candidate was released a few hours after he was arrested and he continued participating in campaign events after the arrest at the airport.

Colombian news programme ‘Noticias Uno’ reported that the National Prosecutor’s Office refused to explain the reasons for his release when they were contacted.

Picture Credit:CEN

Agudelo told local media: “I’m here with my people, we keep working, I am part of Cambio Radical, and we will stand our ground. He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”

Liberal political party Cambio Radical has reportedly started legal procedure to dismiss Agudelo from his role.

Senator for Cambio Radical, Jose Luis Perez said to local media: “This person has committed a criminal offence and must be expelled.”

Picture Credit:CEN

Giovanni Gallo, president of the National Protection Unit Union (UNP), complained that “the candidate is still escorted by two bodyguards and travels in an official car” after having allegedly committed an offence.

Reports said the candidate had travelled to Germany several times, managing to avoid security controls on previous flights because of his mobility impediments and the special security measures applied to politicians.

It is unclear if the investigation is ongoing or if he has been charged.

It is also unclear why the politician had his right leg amputated.

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