Two Cops Probed For Beating Man And Planting Drugs

Story By: Ginger Mahotchina, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@ProtivPytok

This is the moment two plainclothes cops in Russia kick a detainee on the ground and allegedly plant drugs in his pocket.

The alleged incident has led to their arrest and an investigation by Internal Affairs.

According to local media, Igor Krainov was meeting some friends after work in the city of Nizhny Novgorod in the western Russian region of the same name when he heard two men in plainclothes chasing after him shouting: “Stop, police.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@ProtivPytok

As they were not in uniform, Krainov quickened his pace and he was tripped by one of the officers while the other allegedly fired his gun in the air shouting: “Stop or I will shoot.”

In the footage, the suspect is seen being detained on the ground and one officer allegedly kicks him before taking an object from a third man which he then appears to put in his pocket.

Krainov claims that he was then taken to the police station where he was handcuffed with his arms in the air while facing a wall.

The man said he spent three hours in this position while occasionally being hit in the kidney area.

A packet of the synthetic stimulant drug mephedrone was found in the suspect’s pocket and the police carried out a search at his home although nothing illegal was found, according to reports.

Shortly after being arrested, Krainov was diagnosed with severe bruising on the right side of his body by doctors and he also complained of breathing difficulties.

According to local media, he reported the alleged abuse to the authorities and the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs launched an investigation into the officers, identified as Alexei Ivanov and Yevgeny Sokolov.

Reports said the two cops have been arrested as the probe into Krainov’s allegations continues.

Their colleague Nikolay Kostrov, who was also involved in the arrest, has reportedly disappeared and has been placed on the wanted list.

In their defence, the officers have claimed that Krainov is a drug dealer who is trying to slander them while calling the probe into their conduct illegal, according to local media.

The investigation is ongoing.

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