Plastic Surgeon Shares Patients Boob Jobs Online

Story By: John Feng, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

A plastic surgeon is under investigation after he allegedly took hundreds of pictures of his patients when under anaesthetic, including some showing them completely naked, and posted them online to advertise his services.

The shocking invasion of their privacy was exposed when a woman surnamed Zhang went for a consultation at the Li Hu Medical Beauty Clinic in Linyi, a city in East China’s Shandong Province, for liposuction work and was shown the “promotional” images.

Zhang said she was horrified by the images of previous surgeries that had been provided as examples of what could be done by the chief cosmetic surgeon and clinic founder, Li Hu.

Zhang said: “I couldn’t bear to look! His social media profile was full of pictures and videos of blood and bones. I didn’t even know what to say.”

She alleged that his account on Chinese social media app WeChat also included footage showing his clients’ breast enlargement procedures.

One image dated 4th August 2018 shows a female patient under anaesthesia lying completely naked on an operating table.

Zhang said the woman’s private parts were not blurred but instead exposed for all to see.

“Using this sort of nude promotion online is inappropriate,” Zhang said, adding: “What if someone were to take these videos and use them for other purposes?”

Zhang is not believed to have returned for a second consultation, with the images attributed to Doctor Li Hu’s WeChat account then leaking online shortly after.

China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce has responded to the incident saying the clinic had breached advertising laws.

An investigation is understood to be underway, but it is unclear what sort of punishment the business faces.