Pictures Of Wounded Ex-Wife Of Amazon CEO After Attack

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These images show the ex-wife of a former Amazon CEO with horrific wounds in hospital after he allegedly beat her with a baseball bat months before her murder – and he is on the run from the cops.

Abril Perez Sagaon was shot dead by an assassin on a motorbike as she was travelling in a car with her lawyer and her son to Mexico City International Airport in the Mexican capital last week.

Picture Credit: CEN/@JPSagaon

The authorities are now looking for her ex-husband and former CEO of Amazon in Mexico Juan Carlos Garcia who is reportedly considered the main suspect in the murder.

The victim’s brother Javier Perez Sagaon, shared on social media pictures of sister and the injuries allegedly caused by an attack from her former husband months before her murder.

The incident occurred on 4th January 2019 when the suspect allegedly hit Sagaon with a baseball bat and tried to cut her throat as she slept.

Picture Credit: CEN/@JPSagaon

The pictures show the victim in hospital with cuts to her skull and face. Her brother wrote “only a coward does this to a woman” and called for justice.

The victim’s daughter Ana Cecilia had previously shared photos illustrating the “hell” the former CEO had allegedly put her mother through in the previous attack.

The images show Sagaon covered in blood, with a bandage around her head and blood falling from her nose.

The victim had reported her husband Juan Carlos Garcia in January. Garcia was sent to preventive prison after the victim had presented a report for the crime of attempted femicide, Ulises Sara, spokesman for the prosecution reported.

He was released shortly after judge Federico Mosco reclassified the crime as “domestic violence and injuries” and judge Alejandro Diaz ordered the release. Both judges have been suspended after Sagaon was killed 11 days after the suspect’s release.

Picture Credit: CEN/@JPSagaon

On 2nd December, the General Prosecution of Mexico City ordered a migration alert to prevent the suspect from leaving the country. The former CEO should have gone to a court to remain free from the charges of family violence, but he never appeared.

The Citizen Movement of Nuevo Leon members met with the relatives of the victim and Senator Samuel Garcia Sepulveda promised to set up reforms to give more justice and security to the victims of domestic violence.

He also said that he would donate his salary for December to Ana Cecilia Garcia Perez and Javier Perez Sagaon, daughter and brother of Abril, who want to create an association to support women and children living through violence in their homes.

No arrests have been reported in the case.

Garcia was named the CEO of Amazon in Mexico in 2015 and was in charge of the company for two years and a half.

He is the Director of an electrical appliance company called Elektr.

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