Petite Teen Girl Murdered By Pals To See What It Was Like Being A Psychopath

A teenage girl who wanted to know if she had what it takes to be a psychopathic killer murdered another teenage girl to test the theory.

The unsuspecting victim, Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira, 18, had been chosen because she was small and petite, and unlikely to put up much of a fight.

Raissa Nunes Borges, 19, was the girl who wanted to know if she could become a psychopath and had come up with the twisted plan together with two other friends, Jeferson Cavalcante Rodrigues, 22, and Enzo Jacomini Carneiro Matos, 18, and police are convinced that the trio worked together carefully to plan the killing in advance.

Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira (18) who was found dead after disappearing for seven days in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (Newsflash)

The three even drew up a list of potential suspects before eventually settling on petite Ariane who they arranged to meet so that the killing could be carried out by Borges.

The family of Ariane confirm that she vanished after she left home to meet up with the three in the Brazilian city of Goiania on Tuesday, 24th August. On the night of the murder Ariane even sent her mother an audio message saying she was with friends, but would be coming home soon. Her mother never saw her alive again.

Her body was found seven days on Tuesday, 31st August after locals alerted police to a bad smell originating from the area. The body was found in the nearby woods with three stab wounds and signs of strangulation.

Police seized the knife with which Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira was murdered in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (PCGO/Newsflash)

They said that the plan was for Borges to kill the teenager to test if she really did have psychopathic tendencies or not, but when it came down to it the girl put up too much of a struggle, so the others had joined in.

The three had attacked the victim after she got into the car in a carefully rehearsed scenario prepared beforehand. It was arranged that the killing would only take place when they started playing a specific song. The song dealt with the subject of murder, and the arrangement was that when one of the other two clicked their fingers, Raisa would kill the teen.

According to a detailed description of what happened published in local media, when this happened Raisa had attempted to strangle Ariane but failed, and had to get assistance from one of the others.

Enzo Jacomini, one of the suspects for the murder of Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (PCGO/Newsflash)

The victim then passed out, but because she was still breathing they decided to stab her three times to make sure she was finished off.

It is not clear which suspects did the stabbing or in what order.

But once they were satisfied that the 18-year-old was dead, they hid her body in the woods and drove off.

Jeferson Rodrigues, one of the suspects for the murder of Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (PCGO/Newsflash)

The police have since examined the car and found that the bin bags used to hide the body were already in the boot when the murder was carried out.

The local police chief told G1: “We identified the driver of the car and after arresting them they confessed to the crime, and presented us with a blood-stained knife believed to have been used in the crime.”

The authorities have issued arrest warrants for all three suspects.

Raissa Borges , one of the suspects for the murder of Ariane Barbara Laureano de Oliveira in Goiania, Goias in Brazil. (PCGO/Newsflash)

Apart from the driver, who was not identified, at the time of writing the other two had not been arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.