Ex Con Shoots 23yo Mother Of His Child In The Head After Release From Prison Despite Restraining Order

This beautiful young woman has been murdered after her violent ex-husband was released from prison and allegedly shot her in the head as she took shelter in her parent’s home.

The victim, identified as Sabrina Bengaj, 23, has a child with her ex-husband Elton Metaj killers 31, and she had also managed to get a restraining order against him, yet he still managed to kill her.

The victim’s brother Armando Bengaj told local media that his sister had been eating some bread after going to her parent’s house after work. He said that the suspect showed up at the house and despite the victim’s mother asking him to leave, he reportedly insisted on seeing Sabrina.

He then allegedly shot her in the head, killing her instantly.

He was arrested by police after a three-hour manhunt following the murder with her father blaming “corrupt” officials for having released him from prison.

The incident took place in the small village of Zhupan, near the city of Fier, in south-western Albania, after the suspect was released from jail.

Metaj had only been free for two months after being arrested in September last year for domestic violence and illegal possession of a weapon.

He allegedly shot her in the head with the firearm. The couple had divorced just a few months ago, according to local media outlet SOT.

Her father Partizan Bengaj told local media outlet NOA: “His whole family should be in jail.”

He also blamed the judges for releasing the perpetrator from prison.

Armando Benga, the victim’s brother, is quoted in local media outlet Politiko as saying: “On 20th July, he was released from prison. It is the fault of the corrupt judges and prosecutors who bring out such criminal people . . . .”

The Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament, Elisa Spiropali, has called on the High Inspectorate of Justice to conduct an in-depth investigation into “all the links in the prosecutor-court chain” regarding the case.