ON THE ROCKS: Man Flees Quake After Stopping To Grab His Cola

A man fleeing an earthquake amazed social media watchers when he stopped to grab his bottle of Coke before running to safety.

Security CCTV footage of the drama has emerged in Turkey after the country was hit by a quake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale.

As the tremors started to rock the ground, two men in a convenience store stop in the middle of their lunch in Kusadasi, Aydin Province.

But as they start to flee, one of them waits to scoop up his half-finished bottle of pop before evacuating the shop as packages start to fall to the ground.

The clip was filmed in south-western Turkey while it was being rocked by two back-to-back earthquakes on 19th October.

According to the Earthquake Department Directorate of the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, a magnitude 4.1 earthquake struck at a depth of 6.33 kilometres (four miles) in the Aegean Sea in Kusadasi Bay at 1.27pm.

A man takes his drink out with him during an earthquake in Kusadasi, Aydin, Turkey, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2022. The man was eating when he felt the earthquake and panicked. (Newsflash)

The footage was shared on social media and amused netizens, such as Emre Yarun, who commented: “You can’t blame the guy, earthquake or not, he’ll finish that meal.”

No casualties were reported in the recent quake.