OAP Couple Axe Neighbours Dog To Death

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Video Credit: CEN

This is the shocking moment a cruel OAP couple grab a neighbour’s dog before the man appears to hack the poor animal to death with an axe.

The horrific incident took place in the village of Somusca in the commune of Cleja in the central Romanian county of Bacau, and was filmed by the dog owner’s security system which was then shared online.

In the footage viewed over 155,000 times on Facebook, the wife is seen holding the neighbour’s dog by the scruff of its neck as she walks along a garden path to where her husband is waiting with an axe.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

She hands him the dog and then walks away, leaving him to hold the animal by its scruff while apparently hacking at its head with a small axe.

The husband seems to kill the dog before throwing its limp body on the ground where he continues to hit it with the axe.

Another clip shows the couple taking the dog from their neighbour’s property prior to allegedly killing it.

The dog owner, identified as Patrascu Gabriel Leonardo, said on social media: “Please share this brutal murder! I have a surveillance system at home.

Video Credit: CEN

“With incredible nerve, these people came onto my property like thieves and took my peaceful puppy, the love of my little girl’s life (a domesticated Pekingese) and killed it.

“Only they know why they did it. I am out of the country and I do not know who to call. Please help.

“The incident took place in the village of Somusca in Cleja Commune. The whole village knows these b*stards.”

A local journalist reportedly quizzed the couple about the incident, and the wife shrugged and said: “What is wrong with what we did? It is not like we killed a person. It was only a dog.”

Meanwhile, the local authorities have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.

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