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Teen Girls Bite Each Other For Boy Band Singers T-Shirt

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@kirillturichenko

This is the moment screaming teenage girls fight for the right to take home a T-shirt from the lead singer of a local boy band with one girl reportedly biting rivals to make them release their grip.

The performance of the popular Russian boy band “Ivanushki International” in the city of Novosibirsk, in Russia’s south-western Siberia region, attracted the usual mass of screaming girls.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@kirillturichenko

But they went into overdrive when soloist Kirill Turichenko took off his T-shirt to perform barechested, and then threw the T-shirt to his fans.

Several of the girls managed to get their hands onto it at the same time, and then absolutely refuse to let go, screaming at the thought that they might be forced to release their hold on the precious item.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@kirillturichenko

Some people nearby tried to persuade the girls to let go but with little success, and after the concert Kirill Turichenko posted a video of the incident on his social media page saying that it had left him very surprised.

He wrote: “Shock! Our tradition of throwing an autographed T-shirt has grown into a fight that left people in the emergency room. Now I am wondering seriously whether to abandon this tradition?”

The video of the incident prompted heated discussion among his fans on social media including netizen ‘taiskasas’ who apparently witnessed what was happening.

They wrote: “It was funny and painful at the same time. One young lady used her teeth to bite anything that got in her way, quite literally, and that meant that three people ended up in the emergency room.”

Netizen ‘ani_tsirk’ meanwhile added: “Savages. Either you should give up chucking T-shirts into the audience, or you need to make sure you are wearing hundred T-shirts.”

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