Nursery Teacher Kicks Kids In Back For Bad Dancing

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A nursery school teacher has been arrested after this classroom CCTV footage showed her kicking boys in the back for not dancing properly.

The security footage dated 3rd June was revealed on 8th June by one of the boys’ mothers, who found her son unwilling to go to class and appearing frightened at the sight of his teacher.

CCTV from Dongjiang Kindergarten in the town of Qiaotou, which is in the city of Dongguan in China’s southern Guangdong Province, shows the teacher, surnamed Jiang, surrounded by pupils rehearsing a class dance routine.

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However, when one of the boys wearing a yellow top apparently fails to remember the steps, Jiang kicks him in the back, causing him to fall to the floor.

She then kicks him multiple times and appears to scold and slap him too before doing the same to a second boy in a blue T-shirt.

Ms Li, whose son is the boy wearing a yellow top, said: “My son is the one slapped [in the video].

“My son came home from school crying and said he didn’t want to go any more. He said his teacher and classmates repeatedly bullied him.

“I thought he just didn’t like school and tried to convince him to go. But when I dropped him off on 6th June, I saw how anxious he became as soon as he saw his teacher, so I asked the school to show me the security footage.”

Local education officials said they had suspended Jiang pending investigation for misconduct, while police have detained her on child abuse charges.

Authorities have accused her of “kicking and slapping three pupils because they did not listen to her commands during the rehearsal”.

Dongjiang Kindergarten is also expected to be censured by the city education bureau.

Investigations are ongoing.

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