Herpes Paedo Caged For 3 Extra Yrs After Sentence Appeal

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

This paedophile dubbed the “herpes creep” who forced an eight-year-old girl to perform a sex act on him has been caged for an extra three years after appealing the initial sentence.

The sex offender named only as 30-year-old Alan K. was previously sentenced to nine years in jail for multiple counts of sexual abuse of girls aged between eight and 13 in the eastern Swiss city of Zurich.

However, both Alan K. and the prosecutors appealed the sentence.

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The Zurich High Court of Appeals has now decided that the pervert’s initial sentence was not high enough and he has had an extra two years and eight months in jail added onto his nine-year sentence.

The presiding judge ruled that a more severe punishment was warranted as the crimes were serious and reprehensible.

The judge said the girls were scared to death by the ‘herpes creep’ and were physically and mentally harmed.

In one of the incidents, in November 2015, Alan K. forced an eight-year-old girl into the public toilet of a park in the centre of Zurich, where he forced her to perform sexual acts on him.

The man only fled when the child’s mother came to see why her daughter was taking so long in the toilet.

Thanks to the mother and the brave child’s testimony, the police managed to release a composite drawing of the suspect.

At the time of the attack, the suspect was dressed in a hoodie and had herpes blisters near his mouth.

Another attack took place on the afternoon of 11th March 2016 when Alan K. approached a 13-year-old schoolgirl in the hallway of her block of flats and said a tenant had left a package for him in the cellar, asking the schoolgirl to show him the way.

The schoolgirl unlocked the door for him and showed him the way.

Public prosecutor Adrian Kagi said: “Then he grabbed her and slammed her to the ground.”

The attacker held her mouth and nose, tore off her clothes and abused her. He let her go when his mobile phone rang. He was arrested a week later.

Kagi called Alan K. a “highly dangerous and unpredictable sex offender”.

The prosecutor added that the victims had been traumatised for life by being held “at his mercy”.

Investigators found multiple images and videos of child pornography on the man’s computer, as well as an image of a woman’s cut-off head with gouged-out eyes and videos of sex with animals.

Alan K. said he was not happy with the higher punishment and vowed to appeal the sentence at the highest federal court.

He said that the crimes were the “biggest mistake of my life” but blamed it on his addiction to cannabis.

However, therapists testified that Alan K.’s remorse and compassion seemed hard to believe.