NOT DOG: Picky Pup Who Refuses To Eat Snacks Unless They Are Served Just Right

This is the moment a picky pup shows his owner who is the real master in their relationship when it comes to mealtimes.

Owner Mr Zhang – from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China – posted videos of his four-year-old dog online to show just how choosy he can be.

In one, he tries to feed his dog a tasty steamed bun, but the pup doesn’t even bother to look at it until it is dipped in vinegar.

Suitably seasoned, the dog wolfs down the bun in a single gulp.

In a second video, the fussy pup refuses to take a piece of meat directly from its owner’s hand until it has been prepared with chopped noodles and beansprouts and wrapped in a pancake.

Only when he sees it has been turned into a gourmet spring roll does he gobble it down enthusiastically.

Dog refuses to eat a burrito ingredient before getting the entire wrap in Xi’an, Shaanxi in China, undated. The dog is raised by Mr. Zhang and is 4 years old. (zytsxpz/AsiaWire)

Mr Zhang said his dog had been a fussy eater with a taste for human food since it was a year old, and he has learned to work out what the dog likes.

Online commentators joked that the dog was so humanlike, the next trick that it needs to learn is to feed itself with chopsticks.