Neymar OnlyFans ‘Lover’ Gives Loo Paper Tips For Perfect Bum

An OnlyFans model who claims football icon Neymar bedded her behind his pregnant girlfriend’s back has told her followers the secret of a perfect bum – never use loo paper.

Stunning Brazilian social media star Fernanda Campos says she never uses ordinary lavatory tissue because it makes her skin too rough.

She revealed: “I have a really cool and simple tip. I don’t use toilet paper.

“So, replace it with a wet wipe or a douche.

“Toilet paper causes friction and darkens the skin.”

Fernanda revealed the intimate grooming detail after winning an online adult medis vote for having the perfect vagina.

Local media reports that she won more than 65,000 votes in the poll staged by the Fama Pop agency, which supports adult content creators.

And Fernanda was only too happy to tell her fans how they, too, can have brush with perfection.

Photo shows Fernanda Campos who won competition for the most beautiful vagina in Brazil, undated. She revealed that she doesn’t use toilet paper. (@feercamppos/CEN)

She said: “I saw that this ‘toned groin’ thing came up during Carnival and I jumped on the bandwagon. I use a lot of moisturising oil and don’t exfoliate.

“And I only do laser hair removal, no razor or hot wax. I have little secrets. After removal, for example, I take an ice bath.”

The influencer said she also gives perfect vagina tips on adult platforms and added: “I give all the recipes and show how to care for the vagina.

“And men like it too, it’s the most liked content.

“Even more than the most explicit videos.”

Previously, Fernanda has flaunted a bright orange Chevrolet Corvette convertible valued at around BRL 1.6 million (GBP 250,000).

The influencer shared images showing her driving the sports car and bragged that she had bought it with money from sexy nude photos she sells on adult platforms.

Photo shows the Instagram post where Fernanda Campos revealed that she doesn’t use toilet paper, undated. She won competition for the most beautiful vagina in Brazil. (@feercamppos/CEN)

One video of her revving the car’s 6.2 litre V8 engine is captioned: “If an orgasm has a sound, this is it.”

Fernanda claims she spent a night with Brazilian soccer star Neymar in a luxury apartment in Sao Paulo.

According to Fernanda, Neymar started flirting with her over Instagram during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Neymar, who now plays for Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia, allegedly claimed at the time that his relationship with model Bruna Biancardi was going through a rocky patch.

After a brief separation, the couple got back together and announced that Bruna was pregnant a short while later.

But Neymar allegedly continued sending Fernanda messages and video-calling her into 2023.

Last June after the 31-year-old had returned to Brazil, he allegedly invited the influencer to a luxury apartment in Sao Paulo.

Fernanda Campos shows off her new car, undated. She was reportedly Neymar’s ex-lover. (@feercamppos/CEN)

According to Fernanda, Neymar had said he was in the city to pick up an usher’s suit for a pal’s upcoming wedding.

The influencer told Brazilian media she had no idea the former Santos and Barcelona man was still with his girlfriend.

She said she only found out the next day, after Neymar shared photos of the couple on social media to mark Lovers’ Day, a Valentine’s Day-style celebration in Brazil.

Fernanda told local media that she felt used and thought it was “ugly of him to have omitted that part”.

She also stressed that she had only met him once and has no intention of seeing him again, calling him “shady” for hiding his relationship with Bruna.

Although Neymar did not comment on the fling, he wrote in an Instagram post that he apologised to Bruna, saying he had “made a mistake”.

He said: “I already apologised for my mistakes, for unnecessary exposure, but I feel obligated to come publicly reaffirm that. If a private matter has become public, the apology has to be public.

Fernanda Campos poses in undated photo. She was reportedly Neymar’s ex-lover. (@feercamppos/CEN)

“I don’t know if we’ll work out, but TODAY I am sure I want to try. Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win, our love for each other will make us stronger.”

But proud Fernanda, who has nearly 820,000 Instagram followers, says she’s delighted to have won her new award.

She told fans: “Now you understand what the boy Ney saw.”