Mum Of 3 Stabbed To Death By Her Ex And Her New Husband

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Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Joe Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

A young mother of three has been stabbed to death by both her husband and her ex-husband while her baby lay crying just metres away in the latest of a number of high-profile femicides in Turkey.

The tragedy happened when mother of three, Edanur Sahin, 24, ended up in between her husband and her ex-husband as they pulled out knives and attacked each other while she was in between them at home in the district of Elbistan in Kahramanmaras Province in southern Turkey.

As a result, the forensic examination has now concluded that she was stabbed 12 times by the weapon used by her new husband Huseyin Sahin and one-time by the knife wielded by her ex-husband Firat Gultekin.


The tragedy happened because Edanur decided she had made a mistake in moving in with her new husband, with whom she had an 18-month-old son, and instead returned to Elbistan to her ex-with whom she had two daughters, and who she had divorced in 2017.

When her new husband decided to confront her and also demanded the right to see his son, an argument broke out, and the two men reportedly started fighting with knives with the mother of three standing between them.

Emergency responders found the man she was now living with, Gultekin, lying in a pool of blood in front of the apartment building, and found the mother of three Edanur dead in the 5th floor flat alongside an injured Huseyin Sahin who had tried to force himself into the property.


Two bloodied knives were found at the crime scene which have now been identified as the weapons that stabbed the young mother.

The two men might have blamed each other for the knife fight, giving conflicting accounts over who stabbed first.

Both face murder charges that could result in life sentences. Sahin, in particular, faces an aggravated life sentence, which would see him near-isolated for the rest of his life.

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