Mum Of 3 Cheats Death As Balconies Collapse In Resort

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency:Central European News

Video Credit: CEN

This is the moment a woman cheats death by inches when three balconies suddenly collapse and crash down onto the pavement in a popular seaside resort.

CCTV footage captures the moment the balconies suddenly smash down onto the ground in the city of Mar Del Plata, Argentina’s biggest tourist resort.

Tragically, one woman, named as Agustina Ferro, 35, and her three-year-old daughter, India Luzardi, who were below although not visible, were killed in the horrific incident.

But another woman, who had been on her way to buy ice cream from a shop in the ground floor of the building, cheated death by inches.

The CCTV footage shows the mother-of-three, named only as Romina, jump back as the balconies suddenly collapse and rubble falls all around her.

Romina, who suffered minor ankle injuries, later revealed she had her father, who had seen the balconies start to fall, to thank for her life.

“I was crossing the road and I heard a scream from my dad that made me stop. I just remember a loud noise and rubble falling over me,” she said.

“I’ve seen the video but it feels like I was not really there. I do not see myself reflected there, the truth is it still hasn’t sunk in.”

And Romina added that she had been out with her children but had thankfully told them to wait for her while she finished her shopping.

“It could have been even worse,” she said. “The first thing that came into my head afterwards was my kids, they would have run ahead.

“If they had come with me and run ahead into the ice cream shop, like they usually do, I hate to think what might have happened.”

The incident was reportedly caused by part of the top floor balcony suddenly collapsing and bringing down the balconies below it in a domino effect.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident which happened close to the centre of the popular beachside Punta Mogotes area of the city.

Officers say administrators of the building could face charges of corporate manslaughter.

Picture Credit: CEN