Man Attacks 5yo Autistic Boy Who Wanted To Play

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/Sunshine Childhood Playground via Ow May Chen

This is the moment a dad-of-two attacks a five-year-old autistic boy in a children’s activity centre after the tot apparently tried to play with him as seen in this clip.

The incident was filmed by a CCTV camera in the town of Yishun in the island city-state of Singapore and posted on Facebook where it has been viewed 273,000 times.

According to local media, Soo Wen Jie has received a one-week prison sentence after the autistic victim’s mum asked to see the CCTV video and filed a formal complaint.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Footage of the incident, which took place on 9th April 2018, was shown during the defendant’s hearing.

In the footage, Jie is seen playing with a blue spade with his small son while the five-year-old autistic boy in a white T-shirt runs around the play area.

After a while, the autistic boy appears to try to grab the spade from the man’s hand and he refuses twice before appearing to kick out at the five-year-old.

The boy seems to remonstrate and the man responds by angrily throwing the spade away.

While the autistic lad goes back to playing by himself, the father-of-two is seen staring at him.

The boy then appears to try to give the defendant a hug from behind, however the man lashes out and hits his abdomen.

According to reports, the boy’s mum heard the incident and they left the play park shortly afterwards.

Later that evening, the autistic victim said he had pain on his torso which is when the mother asked to see the indoor playground’s CCTV video.

Judge Ng Peng Hong has sentenced the defendant to one week in prison, adding that the “vulnerable” victim suffered physical and psychological harm.

According to reports, the boy has had trouble sleeping since the incident.

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