Mum Gives Birth Outside Hospital Closed Due To Shortages

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News 

Video Credit: CEN/@AmericoDeGrazia

This is the moment a woman gives birth outside a hospital in Venezuela that was closed due to a lack of doctors.

The incident took place on 30th December on the outside of the hospital Negra Hipolita in the San Felix area of the city of Ciudad Guyana, in the southeastern Venezuelan state of Bolivar.

The video of the woman giving birth and being helped by a man and a woman was shared by the congressman Americo De Grazia who commented that the hospital did not have either water or doctors to attend women giving birth.

Picture Credit: Credit: CEN/@AmericoDeGrazia

The video was shared with the message “NarcoDictatorship condemns our women in labour to give birth on the floor while looting the nation. We need to transform the outrage we feel into strength to get all of them out of power in 2020.”

A man can be heard on the background saying “at 9 am in the hospital Negra Hipolita we do not have doctors and see how the people are giving birth on the floor”.

In the footage the mother to be is seen doing the last push and the baby is seen leaving her body, where it is cared for by another woman and a man.

According to local media, the hospital was closed due to the lack of doctors and supplies.

The video was commented on by netizens, such as ‘allerim62’ who wrote: “What a sad thing, all the money this country has and the hospitals close down due to the lack of supplies because those running the country only want to be rich and leave people suffering.”

Another named ‘control1312’ added: “You have seen nothing, go to the hospital of Santa Ana so you can see the reality of our pregnant woman and their relatives”.

It is not mentioned what the condition of the new mother and baby is.

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