Mum Does Nothing As Lover Rapes And Kills 3yo-Daughter

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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Picture Credit: CEN

A man has been arrested for raping and beating up a three-year-old girl causing her death in a drug-fuelled rage in front of the child’s mother who did nothing to save the child.

Mother Nadezhda Storozhuk did not even call an ambulance, letting her child Katya Storozhuk, 3, slowly suffer in pain for ten hours after the horrific ordeal in the small town of Ilovaisk in Ukraine’s western Donetsk Oblast region. The area is in part of the country occupied by the pro-Russian militia.

According to reports, Storozhuk, whose husband was away serving as a pro-Russian militant, invited local resident Aleksandr Beklemischev, 31, to her family house as they were having an affair.

Recently released from prison, Beklemischev was known to locals as a drug addict and drunkard.

Reports say the duo spent several hours together drinking alcohol in the kitchen when Beklemischev decided to take drugs on top of the alcohol.

After taking the drugs, Beklemischev reportedly fell into a rage, shouting at Storozhuk and breaking dishes and furniture.

When the crying little girl Katya, frightened by the noise, entered the kitchen trying to find her mother, Beklemischev attacked her, according to reports.

Beklemischev allegedly raped the child and even pulled out a lot of her hair before beating her some more.

He then reportedly took Katya out of the house, carried her to the barn and threw her on the floor.

Reports say Storozhuk did not intervene even though everything was going on in front of her.

Several hours later after Beklemischev is said to have calmed down and fallen sleep, Storozhuk is believed to have taken her daughter back home from the barn.

The mother reportedly washed away the blood from the girl’s body aiming to hide the traces of the crime and put her to bed. She did not call an ambulance as she did not want the incident to be known, according to local media.

Katya spent all night suffering and only in the morning did Storozhuk call an ambulance after allegedly realising that Katya was seriously injured.

Katya was rushed to hospital but died on the way. According to the medical examination, her internal organs were horribly injured in the sex attack.

She suffered from swelling of the brain and a closed head injury, dying from numerous cerebral bleeds.

Forensic scientists said Katya could have been saved from death if her mother had called an ambulance earlier.

Beklemischev was arrested soon after Katya’s death. He was placed in custody for two months while the investigation is ongoing.

Storozhuk, who decided to cooperate with the police, was not arrested. The court is to decide on her fate after the investigation is finished.

Beklemischev faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty.

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