Swiss Mosque Investigated For Selling Book Condoning Wife Beating

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A mosque in Switzerland is being investigated after it was found to have been selling a book condoning wife-beating and the murder of anyone that insults Islam or the Prophet in its online store.

The Albanian ‘Stiftung der islamischen Jugend’ mosque in the Seebach quarter of Zuerich, Switzerland, was found to be advertising the now sold-out book on its online store, ‘Islamshop’.

The book, titled ‘Ilmihal fuer Frauen – Islamisches Grundwissen fuer Frauen’ (‘Ilmihal for Women – Basic Islamic knowledge for Women’), is sold by the store at CHF 39.90 (GBP 30.85).


The manual is accused of explaining that Muslim men are permitted to punish their wives psychologically and physically, and it contains the quotation: “Men are permitted to hit lightly.”

The book claims this punishment can be meted out if a Muslim woman has any contact with another man against her husband’s will or if she neglects her religious duties.

According to the book, hitting should be a last resort and that in the first instance, “psychological pressure should be exerted on the woman in order to bring about a change for the better”.


The book claims that if a Muslim man hits his wife, the slap should not leave a visible mark or target the face, for it to be deemed religiously acceptable.

The book also contains a number of eyebrow-raising claims, including: “Whoever slanders or insults the Prophet Mohammed or in any way casts his religion in a negative light must be killed.”

Following the finding, the mosque did not respond to requests for comment from local media.


In addition to the book controversy, the mosque is also facing scrutiny over its finances.

It is registered as a foundation, and the authorities have appointed a trustee to verify that the funds it receives are actually being directed to their stated purpose.

A court may choose to prosecute the foundation if it is suspects there is a clear case of wrongdoing.

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