Mother In China Spoils Son With 6,000 Collectible Superhero Cards

These images show how a mum in China spoiled her son rotten with 6,000 collectible cards from the cult hit children’s television show Ultraman that can be seen in this footage spread out all over the family home.

Ultraman is a fictional superhero who has become a cultural phenomenon, especially in Asia, since his inception in 1966, and the mad spending spree took place in the city of Daqing, in Heilongjiang, which is China’s northernmost province, on 17th December.

The mum and her five-year-old son, who have not been named, went to a toy store where she reportedly bought him approximately 6,000 Ultraman cards.

Boy spreads thousands of Ultraman cards in the house Dandong, China. (106411144/AsiaWire)

It is currently unclear how many packets of cards she had to buy to reach that number, but local media reported that one pack is sold for RMB 40 (GBP 4.65).

Images show the five-year-old boy happily bouncing around while cards can be seen spread out throughout the family home.

Local media reported that the child’s grandparents, also unnamed, helped him to spread out the cards so that he could pick out his favourite one.

Mother buys thousands of Ultraman cards for her son in Dandong, China. (106411144/AsiaWire)

Ultraman became a cultural phenomenon, especially in Asia, in the 1980s, spawning countless TV series, films, video games, books, manga, and toys, among other merchandising successes.

Films and TV shows surrounding the superhero have been produced continuously over the years, with Marvel partnering up with Tsuburaya Productions, which owns the rights to Ultraman, to produce a comic book called ‘The Rise of Ultraman’ in 2020 about the superhero.