Monster Alabama Mum Accepted Money From Man Who Sodomised Her 5 Year Old Daughter To Death

US Marshals have arrested a mother in Alabama who allegedly accepted payment from a man who then allegedly sodomised her five-year-old daughter to death.

Kristy Mary Siple, 35, who is reportedly also known as Kristy Hoskins, was arrested in the US state of Georgia by US Marshals on Tuesday, 28th December.

She is accused of accepting money from Jeremy Tremain Williams, 37, so that he could anally rape her five-year-old daughter Kamarie Holland in an incident that led to the girl’s death.

The 5-year old Kamarie Holland who was murdered. (GoFundMe, Adrienne Davis/Newsflash)

The young girl reportedly died during the ordeal that took place at a house in Phenix City in the state of Alabama on the night of Monday, 13th December. The house was reportedly a previously known address of Williams.

Williams has been charged with murder, with local authorities adding that he had already been charged with child abuse in 2009 but was acquitted by a jury in 2012.

He was also a suspect in the death of a one-year-old child in Alaska, but was never charged due to lack of evidence, according to Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor.

Kristy Siple, the mother of the 5-year old Kamarie Holland who was murdered. (Russell County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

The mum, Siple, has reportedly been charged with sex trafficking, murder during rape, murder during a kidnapping and murder during sodomy.

The mum is being held without bond and has reportedly signed a waiver so that authorities can extradite her to Alabama to face trial. It is currently unclear how much money Williams paid her.

She reportedly called the authorities on the night of her daughter’s death to report the youngster missing.

Jeremy Tremaine Williams who is charged with Capital murder in connection with the death of the 5-year old Kamarie Holland. (Russell County Sheriff’s Office/Newsflash)

She claimed that she had gone to sleep at about midnight and woke up to discover that her daughter was gone and her front door was open.

The local authorities immediately launched an investigation and quickly identified Williams as their suspect.

But now, in a twist, the mother has also been arrested on suspicion that she pimped out her own daughter, who was then murdered while being raped.

The 5-year old Kamarie Holland who was murdered. (Sarah Jean/Newsflash)

It is alleged in her sex trafficking charge that she “did agree with another person to pay her for having sexual intercourse and sodomy with her minor child”.

The police said that Williams and the girl’s mother knew each other but were not in a relationship. Williams was arrested shortly after the murder at a hotel in Phenix city.

He is being held without bond. Sheriff Taylor said: “It’s a sad time to have to speak about a 5-year-old, to work a case on a child who absolutely did nothing wrong.”

The 5-year old Kamarie Holland who was murdered. (Sarah Randlett/Newsflash)

Corey Holland, the young girl’s father, who is separated from the girl’s mother, has slammed Siple as a “monster”, with him quoted in local media as saying: “The amount of pain Kristy has caused by ripping Kamarie out of our lives will never cease.

“We are glad to see that she has been arrested. We are one step closer to justice for Kamarie. It’s our hope that justice is served. Kristy should receive whatever the maximum penalty she can get.

“She’s a monster. A real mother protects and would die for her children. Kristy is a monster. My family and I will continue to wrestle with the loss of losing our angel Kamarie. We will ask that you continue to make your news about her and the justice she deserves.”

The 5-year old Kamarie Holland who was murdered. (Columbus Police Department/Newsflash)

Siple reportedly faces an unrelated charge regarding chemical endangerment of a child after her newborn baby – not Kamarie – reportedly tested positive for methamphetamine, according to Sheriff Taylor.