1,000 Stones Removed From Tummy Ache OAPs Gallbladder

Story ByLee Bullen,Sub EditorJoseph Golder,AgencyAsia Wire Report

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@arak.wongworachat

A 60-year-old patient has had this gallbladder removed where surgeons found it was filled with around 1,000 of these tiny black stones after he arrived complaining of a stomach ache.

Images of the man’s gallstones, described by local media as ‘black pearls’, were posted on social media by Malaysian netizen ‘Arak Wongworachat’.

The netizen, who reportedly works as a doctor, said the photos are of the 60-year-old man after he had undergone surgery.

The unnamed Malaysian patient was admitted to the hospital with a fever and stomach pains. Reports also said that he had a yellowish tint to his eyes and had not eaten for several days due to a lack of appetite.

Following a scan, doctors noticed a large mass in his gallbladder.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@arak.wongworachat

The elderly patient underwent surgery and the small organ was cut open which is when stunned surgeons discovered around 1,000 small black stones.

Doctors said the build-up was caused by severe inflammation in the gallbladder resulting in it nearly being filled with pus.

It is believed that the patient suffered from the condition for over five years without seeking medical advice.

‘Arak Wongworachat’ put to bed rumours that the condition was caused by drinking too much bubble tea, which includes tapioca balls visibly similar to the black stones seen in the patient’s gallbladder.

He also reminded netizens to seek medical help as soon as they feel unwell to prevent similar situations from taking place.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/@arak.wongworachat

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