Monolith Found In Paraguay With Mysterious Morse Code Message

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

This monolith has been found in Paraguay with a mysterious Morse code message written on the top of it.

The bizarre object was found between the two hills of Hu and San Rafael located in the city of Paraguari in the Paraguayan department of the same name on 11th December.

It measured a reported two metres (6.5 feet) in length and was discovered by locals who contacted the Special Operations Group (GOE) who have since taken it down.


The monolith was also found with a mysterious message written in Morse code on the top part of it, however it is unclear what it says.

The discovery follows the first monolith found in a Utah desert in the US at the end of November which a community called ‘The Most Famous Artist’ founded by American artist Matty Mo has since claimed credit for.

Since then, metal monoliths have been reported in the US state of California, in Romania, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Colombia, and Spain among others.


Paraguari Police Director Ruben Dario Llanes said the monolith was coated with zinc and added he does not believe it to be from the community of artists.

Dario Llanes told local newspaper Ultima Hora: “It’s a common artisanal job. It’s a bad joke, the work of a blacksmith. The metal sheet can be bought anywhere and anyone can do the soldering.” (

There have been no reports on the contents of the coded message found on the monolith.


When Mo was asked if the group was claiming responsibility for a monolith discovered on the Isle of Wight recently, he responded: “The monolith is out of my control at this point. Godspeed to all the aliens working hard around the globe to propagate the myth.”

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