Moment Stray Dog Pesters Muslim Praying In Mosque Courtyard During Ramadan

This is the moment a hungry stray dog keeps pestering a Muslim man praying in the courtyard of a Turkish mosque during Ramadan.

The incident was filmed in the town of Vakfikebir in the Turkish province of Trabzon on 30th April, and the footage has been widely shared on social media.

In the video, Hasan Calik, 33, is seen performing Friday Prayer in the mosque courtyard while a stray dog lingers in front of him.

Hasan Calik/Newsflash

The dog then stands on its rear legs and places its paws on the man’s shoulders.

Other devotees laugh and the man then moves the stray dog away from his prayer mat.

The second video shows the dog still bothering the worshiper until an elderly man eventually pulls the reluctant dog away.


Hasan told Newsflash: “I have been taking care of this dog for two months. He was sick when I found him on the street. I helped him and I have fed him since then.”

He added: “It seems strange to everyone, but I think it’s normal. He is a living creature and I do not want him to die in the street from hunger and thirst.”

The kindhearted devotee told Newsflash that he named the dog Yorgun, adding: “After I started feeding him, he follows me anywhere.”