Moment Popocatepetl Volcano Sends Ash 1km Into Sky

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

Video Credit: CEN/CENAPRED
Picture Credit: CEN/CENAPRED

This is the moment the Popocatepetl volcano erupts sending a column of fire and ash up to one kilometre in the air and scattering debris in every direction.

The Popocatepetl volcano is located in central Mexico, between the states of Morelos, Pueblo and Mexico State.

The eruption on Monday sent debris flying for over 500 metres as an ash column flew up to one kilometre into the sky, according to local media.

The incident took place around 2.33 am and was registered by the National Centre for the Prevention of Disasters (CENAPRED) which also informed that the ash column and volcanic gas were sent one kilometre high before spreading northwest.

The volcano is currently in the yellow phase 2 of the volcanic alert, which means that citizens should be alert in case of a possible evacuation.

The CENAPRED, which monitors the activity of the volcano, has established a traffic light system for the volcano. If there is a green light, the volcano is quiet, if it is in yellow, it means that people should be alert over a possible evacuation.

The red light indicates danger and therefore the people should be ready for an evacuation.

Popocatepetl stands at 5,426 metres (17,802 feet) tall and is one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico. Its name comes from the Nahuatl language and means ‘Smoking Mountain’.

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