Moment Package At Gate Explodes In Uni Rectors Face

Story By: Anna Casap, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News


Video Credit: CEN/@true2beer

This is the moment a Uni rector loses hand and his wife loses an eye after they were sent a letter bomb.

According to local media, Andrey Krysovaty, rector of the Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) in the western Ukrainian region of Ternopil Oblast, was targeted by a young male suspect who was captured by CCTV cameras delivering the package.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@true2beer

Krysovaty needed to have his left hand amputated and his wife, who was not named, suffered multiple shrapnel wounds to her face and body and lost an eye.

In the footage, the elderly man is seen walking to his front gate in his underwear and picking up a package.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@true2beer

His wife wanders outside and the rector shows the package to her.

The device then explodes and the woman is sent flying while the rector desperately runs around before checking on his wife and then leaving his property to get help.

According to reports, a note was left with the explosive device that read: “Hello from us. The rector is ‘momento mori’ (remember you must die). Momento mori.”

The police are currently investigating the case and are looking for a male aged between 18 and 25 years old who is 160 (5’25”) to 170 centimetres (5’57”) tall who was captured on CCTV footage.

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