Moment Lioness Is Caught On CCTV Leaping From Family Garden With 75Kg Rottweiler In Her Mouth

This is the moment a lioness is caught on CCTV leaping from a family’s garden with their 75-kilogramme Rottweiler in her jaws.

The images, filmed in the suburbs on the outskirts of the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, show the lioness making off with the family pet in the middle of the night after jumping over the house gate.

The video shows the lioness leaping up onto the family’s wall before taking a good look at the surroundings on the other side.

The big cat then jumps down behind the gate before re-emerging moments later with the dog clutched between her jaws.

She then heads off with the lifeless dog, calmly marching out of shot with the dog in her mouth.

Local media said that the family were left shocked and saddened after seeing their pet, named Jaci, being taken away by the lioness.

The dog’s owner Sylvia Wamai said that the whole attack, which occurred on 21st May. took less than 10 minutes.

She told the BBC: “It didn’t even take 10 minutes. Just like that, we lost our dog.”

She added: “We were shocked because we were outside looking for our dog and the lioness was just a few meters away from the gate.”

The family home is reportedly near a national park.

The local authorities said that they are investigating the incident.