Moment Boy Slips On Platform And Falls Onto Tracks While Trying To Catch Moving Train

This is the shocking moment a boy slips on a platform and falls onto the tracks while trying to catch a moving train.

The images were filmed at the Akola station in the western Indian state of Maharashtra on Tuesday, 16th May, at around 12:30pm.

The boy, who survived the incident, shows him running along with his father and trying to board the train after the pair got off to drink some water.

But the boy, named as Sharadchandra Sahu and reportedly from the city of Cuttack, in the state of Odisha, appears to slip on a puddle on the platform and can be seen tumbling out of sight under the moving train. Local media reported that they also lost their grip on the train because they had wet hands.

Railway Protection Force (RPF) officers and the boy’s father, named as Saurabh Sahu, can be seen trying to help Sharadchandra, with the train eventually coming to a stop as the footage ends.

A boy slips into the gap between the platform and a moving train, after falling with his father, in Akola, India, on Tuesday, May 16, 2023. The boy was rescued unharmed in the incident. (@RPF_INDIA/Newsflash)

Local media reported that RPF police inspector Yunus Khan was on the scene and instructed the boy to stick close to the platform wall.

Newsflash obtained a statement from RPF India on Wednesday, 17th May, saying: “A father-son duo encountered a terrifying moment as the son slipped into the gap between the platform & train while attempting to catch a moving train at Akola station.

“Kudos to vigilant RPF officials, the boy was rescued safely.”