Moment Angry Teen Woman Smashes Girls Car With Metal Bar

Story ByMaja Mishevksa, Sub EditorMarija StojkoskaAgencyNewsflash

Video Credit: CEN/Viviana Garcia

This is the moment a young woman attacks a teenager’s car with a metal bar and smashes the windows after a fender bender.

The victim, who is reported to be underage, was driving her car through the colony Tlalpan, in the Mexican capital Mexico City when, according to her statement posted on social media, she crashed into a blue car carrying a man, a woman and a young woman in her twenties.

The teen driver, whose exact age is unclear, recorded the moment the young woman from the other car attacked her own vehicle with a metal bar, cracking the windscreen and smashing the driver’s-side window.

The woman continues hitting the car with the bar, hitting the bodywork and leaving the windscreen with huge cracks in it before getting back into the blue car.

The victim said on social media that police had come to the scene after the crash. She said that the owner of the car she was driving came to share insurance details.

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Picture Credit: CEN/Viviana Garcia

As the victim’s insurance worker was delayed in arriving at the scene. The elder woman in the other car became annoyed and pulled a gun before the younger woman began hitting the victim’s car with the metal bar, according to the social media post.

She said: “They went back to the car and the woman pointed at the owner of my car with a gun saying not to move, and the other young woman came with a metal bar to hit my vehicle.

“At that moment, I turned around to see what she was doing and the window was broken, and the glass got into my eyes and hit my chest and face and also I received a hit with the bar before they fled in their car.”

Netizens labelled the attacker “LadyPinata”. Prosecutors have started an investigation into “damages to a vehicle”. The investigation is ongoing and it is unclear if the aggressors have been located or arrested.

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