Model Strips At Petrol Station To Protest Fuel Crisis

Story By: Ana Lacasa, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A stunning model has stripped naked while waiting with her car in a queue at a petrol station in Mexico to protest the fuel crisis currently crippling the country.

Picture Credits: CEN & CEN/@soyarerojas

Model and self-confessed “sexual educator”, Are Rojas, posted the images of her stripping off for her 170,000 Instagram followers after two weeks of petrol shortage in the country.

Rojas got out of her car and went ‘full Monty’ in full view of everyone waiting in the long queue outside the petrol station.

Alongside the images, the Mexican stunner wrote: “How are you doing in the petrol station queues? Have you already filled your tank? I have not got mine yet.”

One image has been liked over 40,000 times and received thousands of comments while Roja’s antics hit the headlines all across Latin America.

Rojas told local media: “All I want is that people see nudity as something natural. I dream of the day when people noticed a woman’s sensuality and admire her body, but respect her too.”

She said that this was the first time she has ever stripped of in public and that she was even criticised while doing it.

Rojas claimed that some people hurled insults at her, calling her a “b*tch” and saying “if you are raped it will be your own fault”.

She shrugged off the abuse and said: “I know that I do not think like most women, but I decided to live my life as I choose, with freedom to explore my sexuality and to enjoy it.