Model Poses With Banana Taped To Cleavage After Art Sale

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News 

This stunning fitness model has shared a saucy snap of her with a banana taped to her ample cleavage after a banana stuck to a wall fetched over 90,000 GBP at a recent art show.

Gorgeous Bulgarian fitness model Yanita Yancheva started the bidding at 120,000 USD (90,940 GBP) after the sale of the banana exhibit at an art show in Miami in the US.

Picture Credit: CEN

In her photo shared on Instagram for her 1.6 million followers, the Bulgarian babe, who lives in America with her husband, is seen flaunting her curves with only duct tape used to cover her boobs and nether regions.

In between her ample cleavage is a banana stuck to her skin.

She wrote alongside the snap: “Art. A banana duct-taped to a white wall sold for 120,000 USD at the Miami art basal. So here’s a duct-tape banana bikini. Bidding starts in the comments at 120,000 US. Ready. Set. Go.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@yanitayancheva

The 32-year-old fitness model, who took part in the Bulgarian version of the reality show Survivor in 2014, added that the bidding will close when her husband decides it’s time.

Netizen ‘Aussiebadbabe said’: “Amazing work of art. Absolutely brilliant!”

“NeginEtesami’ commented: “Nailed it. But it’s not affordable!”

‘Ernestgpagavino’ wrote: “I think you are worth millions of dollars!”

‘Atanasbeshkov’ joked: “I think I am just starting to appreciate art…”

‘Moeraouffitness’ asked: “How painful was it removing the duct tape afterwards?”

‘Davidlalrinsangaetrav’ said:”I reckon it is going to hurt when you rip off the duct tape down there, presuming you have hair.”

‘Davidepierotti’ commented: “Oh my God, I really like your humour!”

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