Mobility Scooter Woman Crashes Through Glass Door

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Video Credit: AsiaWire/@sbstransitltd

This is the moment a woman on a mobility scooter crashes through a glass door before calmly getting off the vehicle and walking away as if nothing happened.

The startling scene was recorded by a CCTV camera in a bus station in the town of Toa Payoh, in the Central Region of Singapore.

In the video, a woman riding a mobility scooter, who has not been named in reports, can be seen making her way through a pair of sliding glass door when she crashes into one of the panels.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The glass instantly shatters over her and breaks off the scooter’s basket but she calmly steps off the electric vehicle, brings it to a halt and walks away pushing it.

Singapore’s public bus operator SBS Transit confirmed that nobody had been in injured during the incident.

SBS Transit spokeswoman Tammy Tan said that the woman in the video had fled the scene after the incident, adding that the glass was then cleared and the operation of buses was not affected.

Tan added that a police report had been filed but no arrests have been reported.

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