Migrant Kills Wife And Posts Bloody Snap On Social Media

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

The trial of an Iraqi migrant charged with stabbing his wife to death before posting a snap of her blood-soaked body on social media has begun in Germany.

Incredibly, the suspect’s sick post even received 24 likes from his friends and family before being removed from Instagram, according to the police.

Iraqi national Nibras Hussein, 31, is currently on trial at a court in Dortmund in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Pictures Credit: CEN

Prosecutors suspect Hussein of butchering his estranged Yazidi wife Tschiman Fattah at her home and afterwards posting a photo of her lying in a pool of blood.

He reportedly uploaded the picture to Instagram and even sent it to his friends and family on WhatsApp.

The chief prosecutor said: “Forty-three stab wounds and cuts were counted. One stab wound pierced the pericardium [membrane enclosing the heart].

Pictures Credit: CEN

“The woman bled to death on the scene.”

According to local media, the couple experienced constant marital strife and Hussein even received a restraining order from the district court after he beat and insulted the mother of his two children aged seven and four.

The prosecutor’s office even assumes that the eldest son witnessed the alleged murder.

In court, Hussein said that he could not remember the fateful day at the end of October last year when he visited Tschiman’s house.

Hussein said: “There was a fight, she called me a son of a b*tch and said that I had no balls, only debts.

“Then she took a knife. I wanted to get out. She spat on me and I turned around. I do not know what happened after that.”

He then publicly apologised to his murdered wife’s relatives.

After the alleged murder Hussein called the police and voluntarily turned himself in.

The victim’s brother Karwan, 25, spoke of his sister’s troubled relationship with her husband.

The couple met in Germany almost 10 years ago and according to Karwan “everything went swimmingly at first”.

However, the relationship deteriorated as the suspect’s security company went bankrupt and he had to work as a waiter and cleaner to make ends meet. Hussein was also said to be very jealous.

Karwan added: “He constantly hounded her, threatened her. My sister didn’t want to just cook and clean at home. She dreamed of having her own hair salon.”

Tschiman was buried in the city of Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia. Her mother, whose name has not been released, said: “No more women should die, no more women should be murdered. I will pursue this process until the end.”

Karwan said the family wants justice “whatever that looks like”.

The trial is ongoing.