Metal Nail Found Embedded In Dough Of Lidl Pizza

Story By: Bartosz Staszewski, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Picture Credit: CEN/Spotted Lublin & CEN/Google Maps

A man who bought a pizza in a Lidl supermarket to celebrate International Pizza Day with his girlfriend was shocked to find a metal nail immersed in the dough.

The pizza lover, named in reports as Mr. Tomasz, reportedly bought the pizza in a Lidl supermarket on Romantyczna Street in the city of Lublin in eastern Poland.

Tomasz says he bought the pizza and took it home before popping it in the oven to celebrate International Pizza Day.

However, he says as he and his girlfriend were eating the pizza they spotted the potentially lethal metal nail in the dough.

In the photos, the metal nail can be seen sticking out of the ‘American Pizza’ which the consumer says cost him 6.99 PLN (1.40 GBP) in Lidl.

He told local media: “While eating, I saw in one of the pieces a metal nail immersed in the pizza dough. I occasionally make a purchase of a ready pizza in a supermarket, but it is the perfect proof that eating ready meals is a nail in your coffin.”

It is not known how the metal nail found its way into the pizza.

Barbara Dulewicz, from the Lidl Poland press office, told local media: “After receiving the customer’s request, we immediately contacted the manufacturer to clarify the matter. The audit documentation confirms that the company uses a metal detector. We are currently waiting for further information and explanation from the manufacturer.”

Netizen ‘Joanna Szklarczyk’ joked: “It’s 2,000 percent of the recommended daily dose of iron.”