Topless Weather Girl Celebrates With Pizza In Bath

Story By: Lee Bullen, Sub Editor: Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

Argentina’s sexiest weather girl Sol Perez has celebrated reaching four million Instagram fans by posting a saucy topless snap of her eating pizza in the bath.

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Picture Credits: CEN/@lasobrideperez

The 25-year-old shared the photo on Instagram alongside the message: “Happy foursome. We are four million!”

In the snap, Perez is seen relaxing in a bathtub while only wearing bikini bottoms and playfully poking out her tongue.

On her lap is a pizza box with four slices, although it is unclear how a fifth slice is in her hand when the there is not one missing from the container.

The blonde stunner, who is appearing in a theatre show in the coastal resort of Mar del Plata, received over 234,000 ‘likes’ in the first 12 hours of posting the photo.

Perez recently confronted a bystander during a live broadcast for filming her bum to show “his workmates”.

Video Credit: CEN/@GOgenteopinando

The 25-year-old Argentine was carrying out a report for the TV programme ‘Gente Opinando’ when presenter Pollo Alvarez stopped the discussion to point out a suspected perv in the crowd.

In the footage, Perez is seen broadcasting from a coastal resort as Alvarez says: “We are not going to have this discussion now and we’ll let it go, but I did not like what he was doing.”

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Picture Credits: CEN/@lasobrideperez & CEN/@GOgenteopinando

The blonde weather girl seems to understand who her colleague is referring to and immediately turns to confront the smirking man, asking: “Sir, what are you filming?”

The man replies: “I am sending this to my workmates.”

Perez says: “Okay, but what were you recording? Because I had my back turned. The guys there (in the studio) saw that you were filming things that were not okay to be filmed.”

Not everyone agreed with Perez’s stand, with netizen ‘LuisPaoloRossi’ asking: “Why does she constantly promote her bum (on social media) if she does not want it photographed?”