Meet Rozy The Hip AI Influencer Who Will Remain Forever 22 On Insta

Meet ‘South Korea’s first virtual influencer’ Rozy who boasts around 800 facial expressions and will remain forever 22.

The AI influencer has been posting on Instagram since December 2020 and has already racked up nearly 60,000 followers.

She was reportedly created by the company Sidus Studio X to capture a look loved by many Korean Millennials.

A company spokesperson said: “In the first three months that Rozy’s Instagram page ran, no one noticed that she was a 3D virtual model.”

According to, Rozy’s movements are based on a hired actor’s and incorporated with the use of 3D modelling technology. However, designers said her look is not based on any one person.

Created in August 2020, Rozy, listed as ‘South Korea’s first virtual influencer’ on her Instagram biography, will remain 22 years old forever.

The company said she appeals to sponsors because she will also remain scandal-free forever.

Baek Seung Yeop, CEO of Sidus Studio X, said on 10th September this year: “These days, celebrities are sometimes withdrawn from dramas that they have been filmed because of school violence scandals or bullying controversies. However, virtual humans have zero scandals to worry about.”

After suggesting too many real-life influencers are falling into disgrace, Baek claimed the company’s digital influencer is cashing in on her clean-cut appeal.

Baek said: “We have advertised twice already this week alone and now we have eight exclusive contracts. She has landed more than 100 sponsorships now, but we have not been able to process them yet.

“We have achieved our goal profit now, and I think Rozy will be able to make over KRW 1 billion (GBP 615,293) by the end of this year.

“We didn’t use a specific person as the model to her look. The MZ generation do not like to hide their flaws or reveal their flaws. We didn’t take western beauty as the standard either.”

Baek said they hope Rozy can move into other areas of entertainment such as TV and movies, and even into advertising modelling.